Activities / Experience

Visit Pura Beji Amerta Gangga

Located only five minutes from the resort, this temple become an iconic place to visit during your stay.

Pura Beji Amerta Gangga is a holy temple where you can do purification with the holy water or you can just come for a visit to have a look at the beautiful Balinese architecture around the temple.


Organic Farming and Harvest

Let’s join our planting and harvest.

Experience and explore our organic garden and pick your own fresh veggie.

We have created a community garden to support the locals and also for our restaurant supplies. We are making sure to serve you a fresh and healthy food during your stay in our resort.


Baby Turtle Release

Together with our foundation we have a small turtle conservation in collaboration with Bunda Linda. We collected all the eggs from the beach and place them at Bunda´s house. We paid two thousand rupiah for each eggs that founded by the locals. If you are lucky to come in the right time, you will be able to join our baby turtle release. It is normally happening in June to August.


Kelecung Beach

About five minutes drive by scooter and about 30 minutes walk is the nearest wide back sandy beach. Enjoy the sunset, see locals fishing, kite flying, and take in the views on the way and have some refreshing drink from the local warungs.  Please kindly ask our reception for a beach transfer with car based on availability, or take a ride with the motorbikes.

The beach is not recommended for swimming due to strong current, however you still can play in the water under knees and kids must be accompanied by adults at all times.


Visit The Torrevieja School

Take a chance to visit our foundation school, where you can study and play together with the local kids. It is located only five minutes drive by scooter.


Tour around Bali

Take an adventure sight seeing around Bali Island
Bali Island has so many things to offer from its beauty of nature, such as beaches , mountain, rice fields, lake etc. Every perfect holiday experience should be free from all the travails and hassles in arranging one. Our staff will be gladly to assist and arrange every conceivable detail your personal excursion, shopping spree, or cultural tour to your heart’s content. On the road, our experienced and friendly drivers take great pride in sharing their knowledge of the island’s local traditions, customs, and where to seek the best bargains.


Balinese Cooking Class

Discover how to cook traditional Balinese with Sahaja Sawah. This unique learning adventure involves a small tour to our organic garden where you can select some of ingredients you will need for your private cooking lesson with our chef. Bu Made will be delighted to show and introduce you to all our plants that we grow in our garden or even join and experience the planting. The cooking lesson is guaranteed to enrich your home recipes and provide you with some memorable insight into the richness of Balinese daily life, culture and traditions.



For those who love to have some grilling, we provide BBQ service. Choose your meat BBQ of Seafood and enjoy the grilling time in our common garden or in your private villa.


Romantic Dinner

Celebrate the spirit of romance with your loved one in a private setting as the poetry of nature gently caresses your soul. It’s a delicate dinner featuring specialty dishes tailored to your personal taste preferences by our Chef including a bottle of wine.


Afternoon Tea Garden Picnic / Sunset Beach Picnic

Enjoy a quality time by having a tea picnic in our garden with variety of dessert, sandwiches, tea or fresh juices. Or have a romantic sunset picnic on the beach while watching the stunning views of the sunset and listening to the waves crashing upon the shoreline.



Enjoy a ride in a traditional fishing boat on the Kelecung river through the jungle, with many species of birds and wildlife to see


Painting and art Lesson

Bali is known well for its art and culture. Meet Pak Adis who is such a talented local Balinese artist and take the opportunity to learn and find happiness in art painting. The kids will love it.


Yoga Class

Yoga involves ancient spiritual practices and gentle postures that are designed to keep the body fit, build emotional well-being, develop mental clarity, and as an effective relaxation technique. Traditionally seen as a mean to achieve spiritual enlightenment, our yoga masters will guide you through a series of classes to help you learn how to relax, meditate, and harmonize your body and soul.


Balinese Offering making

Bali is renowned for its rich culture, artistic traditions, and a deep devotion to a Hindu ancestral heritage. To develop an appreciation for this centuries-old religion, Sahaja Sawah is offering you a rare opportunity to learn the art and philosophy behind the humble floral offerings that are a common sight throughout Bali and are used to appease the divine world from the comfort of your own private villa.


Village Local Tour

Experience the real Bali with Putu.
Our staff Putu will be delighted to take you around and show you the Bali life from visiting the local houses and see how they live, introducing you our cultural and tradition, exploring the rice field or visit the waterfall. The locals will always be friendly and welcome you with a warm smile. If you have any questions about Bali, please do not hesitate to ask Putu



We provide you with bicycles if you wish to explore the natural beauty of the local village independently or accompanied by a guide. Cycling through the small villages lanes and rice fields is the ideal opportunity to immerse you in the charming surroundings and experience first hand the timeless traditions of the Balinese people. We also have scooters for hire or use for free 2 hours a day based on the availability