The Top 10 Things To Do In Bali With Children

You know Bali as the luxury getaway of a lifetime…for adults. If you’ve had childless friends visit this stunning island, then you’ve heard about the drinks, the romance, and the tans. But wait! There’s so much more. Bali is also an amazing family adventure. The kid-appropriate activities there will make memories that last your kids a lifetime – or, at least, until they come back with their own kids! Read on to discover the top 10 things to do with children in Bali.

1.Bali Pulina Agro-Tourism in Ubud

Unprocessed Luwak coffee in Bali

One of Bali’s most famous exports is Kopi Luwak, also known as civet cat coffee. How this coffee is made will absolutely delight your young children. Bali Pulina is a coffee plantation where pampered civet cats spend their days eating, digesting, and…er…producing the famous drink. In addition to its natural beauty, there may be a chance for you and your family to actually feed the catlike, nocturnal civets. Mike’s Road Trip raves about Bali Pulina, and if they like it, you will, too.

2.Waterbom Bali

The lazy river ride at Waterbom Bali

Widely considered Bali’s best water park, Waterbom features the longest waterslide in Asia. There are a range of rides at this attraction that cater to everyone from the faint of heart to the adventurous. Waterbom is also environmentally responsible, a move that is not only good for the ecology of Bali, but for business. Because it maintains so much green space, it remains cooler during the day than the surrounding area. According to Travel With Bender, the food is also fantastic and ranges in style from sushi and Mexican cuisine.

3.Rip Curl School of Surf

Surfing in Bali

Who wants to learn to surf? Your kids definitely do! The Little Ripper program is just for kids under the age of 13. If you’re already a surfing family, then consider the Surf Safari package, which is a one to three day trip to the best surfing spots in the area. Adrenaline Hunter confirms that the school is fully insured and employs degreed and licensed instructors.

4.Temega Tree House

Temega treehouse Bali

What kid doesn’t love a tree house? This elaborate arboreal network of structures will enchant your family and make some incredible memories. There’s also a restaurant on hand, which will be important once your kids run themselves out on the plank bridges between trees. Sceptre Vacations sings the praises to the great views that can be had from this unique attraction.

5.Monkey Forest

The Monkey Forest in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

This attraction is not to be missed! Friendly monkeys, habituated to human presence, take bananas right from your hands in a gorgeous forest setting. Situated in the vivacious Ubud, this is just one of many kid-friendly tourist draws located in the area. There are also regular cultural events that will delight your family even beyond the friendly monkeys. Divergent Travelers has some good advice on how to have the best possible experience. Pro tip: don’t take anything you wouldn’t want a monkey to steal!

6.Bali Theatre

A traditional Balinese dancer

Every trip to Bali should include cultural experiences like the Bali Theatre. This is a good chance to show your kids Indonesia’s rich heritage and traditions as presented by professional actors and career performers. Bali Theatre is a world-class production company. Prepare to be stunned by the costumes, the drama, and the colorful characters. A narrator translates for English-speaking audiences. If your kids get the drama bug after seeing this performance, then head over to Bali by to find more.

7.Glass-Bottom Boat Ride

A glass bottomed boat with tourists

Some of the most amazing natural wonders of Bali lie beneath the surface! One of the best ways to see the is with a ride in a glass-bottomed boat. This particular tour will also give you up-close encounters with rare Indonesian sea turtles. Get My Boat reports that each tour lasts about an hour and takes six people.

8.Bali Safari and Marine Park

Bali Safari and Marine Park

You might have come to Bali to see some wildlife, but you probably didn’t expect to see zebras! This animal preserve hosts large African animals, like lions and hippos, in addition to specimens of Bali’s own exuberant environment. There’s also a night safari, a restaurant, accommodations, and a theatrical show. Tripzilla Stays are so excited about this one that they published an entire blog post all about why you should see it when you visit! They’re particularly enamoured of the night tour.

9.Go Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater Rafting on the Ayung River

Bali’s gorgeous Ayung River also happens to have class II and III rapids. For the perfect combination of scenery and fun, take a guided whitewater rafting adventure from one of the several outfitters operating in this area. Expert status not required! Live Love Raw guarantees that this one is safe for kids.

10.Treetop Adventure Park

Bali Treetop Adventure Park

Set in the Bedugul Botanical Garden, this activity lets kids play safely on a treetop obstacle adventure course. There’s one chance to let your kids climb through as many trees as they’d like! With 7 circuits and over 70 individual challenges, you won’t be able to get your kids to leave. Treetop Adventure Park also happens to be directly kid-approved. Head over to Little Bali Love to read 13-year-old Coco’s glowing review!

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