No one is not interested in how daily-life people in Bali do every day. One of it is their economic life, and of course how their traditional local market going on. Sahaja Sawah Resort is included in Tabanan region which is the biggest region in Bali with full of mountain, farm and rice fields.

Tabanan has their big and most complete local market that located in central of its city. Surrounding by old shop building, Tabanan local market is the place where all villagers gather around to do trade, buy and selling things. This market was created during Tabanan kingdom age, long ago in the past (around the year 1300), a really important place for their life being until now.

Explore the local market

In the outside part, you will see in the north, there is a big statue, a woman holds a short sword (keris), spear and eagle. That is the statue of Tabanan hero, Sagung Wah. She is the woman hero when Tabanan or Bali generally, struggled for Indonesia independence against Dutch and Japan in 1945.

At south part, you will see some old buildings running by Chinese, whose selling electronics. The Chinese already arrive here at Tabanan since around 1900 and live together with the locals.

Now entering the local market, you will see all fresh harvest products from top of the mountain, down to the bottom of the sea. Mainly this local market consists of six different areas, according to the sellers who grouping in some spot.

Which is first around the entrance, where you will meet people selling local cakes, street foods, and Balinese offerings. And the inside area which are rice and spices area, fish and meat area, fruit and vegetable area, iron and Balinese crafts area, and the last is clothes and accessories area.

Local market

What are they sell

Inside of the market, you can explore a truly local open marketplace scene, with various kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits harvested from the nearby farms and plantations. Many tropical fruits, which range from mangosteen and mangoes to the abundant local pride of snake fruit.

In the fish & meat area you’ll be able to witness fishermen will unloading their catches full of sardines, or larger catches such as mahi-mahi, tuna, shrimps, crabs, and a huge variety of other sea harvests displayed in rows of ice boxes and also some fresh-water fish like catfish, gurami or nila are being sold.

sahaja sawah tour Local market

In the central inside you will see a site temple, that Balinese called it Pura Melanting, a special temple that worship Bethari Melanting or goddess Lakshmi in form of Goddess power who gives prosperity. In this temple, all the people who sell and working in the market, pray and place flowers offering daily for feel grateful of their prosperity, that they received.

Just beside the temple site, iron, Balinese craft, and clothes area located. Here you will see the local knife, from small to big size, local farmer’s hat, silver plate and rattan for offerings, kids clothes, slippers and various traditional sarong and kebaya.

Local market

Herb and spices

Now, for the most important items, is the rice and spices. Things that Balinese can not live without it. Herb and spices are vital here since most of the Balinese food use many of that every day. In this area, you will see many of lemongrass, chilies, black pepper, ginger, onion, garlic, turmeric and so others displayed in the basket or in the numerous big sack.

Local market

If this your first time go to tropic Asia, don’t waste your chance to buy some things that prices are really cheaper than prices in your country. And also shopping at the local market in Bali is not simply walking into a shop, picking something from a shelf and paying for it.

Shopping in Bali is an art. In every traditional market and art shop around Bali bargaining is a one way to get a deal. Well, why not try this new experience? show your smile, buy some things and try bargain with the locals.

Local market Sahaja Sawah