About Nyepi

The final stage to the Balinese New Year is Nyepi, which is a public holiday in Bali. Nyepi day is known traditionally as the day of silence, meditation, and reflection. Also, Nyepi day aims to hide from the bad spirits that were collected within the Ogoh-Ogoh from the previous day. Balinese people tend to follow four rules on Nyepi day, which are:

  1. Working is not allowed
  2. No travelling
  3. light and fire are forbidden
  4. loud noise is not appreciated

Why do the Balinese celebrate Nyepi

According to the Balinese calendar on Nyepi day is the most silence day of the year. The aim of the rules stated above is to make for more effective self-reflection. Nyepi day is the one day of the year where the streets in Bali are empty and quiet. Only emergency vehicles are allowed on the roads and guards patrol the streets to ensure that all Balinese people are abiding by these rules.

Sunset, View from sahaja sawah resort

Many Balinese people will also choose to fast on this day, which brings their bodies back to a fresh state before entering the new year. Furthermore From 6 pm to 6 am no lights should be on as this would attract the evil spirits back to the village. Families with babies can notify the village elders in case a light needs to be turned on within the darkness.

Nyepi 2017 Timelapse

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Nyepi day is a great opportunity to see the sky in Bali light up with thousands of stars and even the milky way is visible. While it was dark here at the Sahaja Sawah Resort we and all of our guests took to the poolside to watch the stars. The following day Balinese people are keen to restore their normal routines. Also, this is a day for visiting friends and family and asking for forgiveness as they enter the New Year.