The Bali Arts Festival or Pesta Kesenian Bali is a full one month of a cultural treat for lucky visitors who are in Bali until mid-July. The festival traditionally starts on the second Saturday of June and runs through the month of July.

The Bali Arts Festival has a wealth of activities that highlight the abundance of culture and art in Bali. Hundreds of artisans from Denpasar, Bali’s eight provinces, and other neighboring islands all join to showcase their talents and creativity. A parade leads through the town with a mixture of children and adults that all join together in this beautiful festival.

The Barong Dance performs

About Bali Arts Festival

Theme for this year festival is “Ulun Danu”, which means “water, the source of life”. With this theme, the festival is want to tell us how Balinese conserve,  honor, manage and respect water as a vital thing, inside their tradition.

In 1979, Bali’s governor, the esteemed and loved, Professor Ida Bagus Mantera, opened the very first Bali Arts Festival on June 20th. He stated that “the Bali Arts Festival should take its place as the basic forum for the growth of our love of the arts.”

As the arts are such an integral part of the culture, Prof. Mantera wanted to see it celebrated in a place that would be accessible to all. To promote this, most performances are free of charge to the public and those where tickets are necessary are sold at an affordable price to most people.

Ulun Danu

The Grand Parade

The festival begins with its Grand Parade on opening day, starting from the Bajra Sandhi Puputan field in Renon and ending at the Denpasar Art Centre Park. Each regency is represented with a gamelan orchestra and people dressed in their regional dress. Often tall, towering offerings are carried of the heads of colorfully dressed women, once again showing what diversity Bali has to offer. Balinese from all over the island always come to watch this parade. This parade is also formally attended and opened by Indonesian President as an appreciation to give more spirit to this performance.

After the parade, the official ceremony will be held in the evening on the open stage of Bali Arts Centre in Denpasar.

balinese woman
traditional balinese dance
Balinese kids orchestra

Arts Exhibition

Besides the cultural performances and dances, visitors will find that the exhibition area is lined with food stalls, exhibitions, competitions, fashion, flower arrangements and handicrafts. Visitors who travel to Bali will be able to sample Indonesian food and even do some shopping as hundreds of local artisans will participate in the festival. Here traveler also can see much shiny silver and golden jewelry are exhibited in plenty glass cabinets.

A huge stage will be set up in a cultural complex of Bali’s capital city Denpasar, known as the Art centre. This place marks as the heart of the Bali Arts Festival. The Art centre is an epitome of classic local architectures with various designs and a lovely garden. It also houses museums of artifacts of Bali’s history.

The Balinese love to go see the big dance drama spectacles put on by High School and College of performing Arts. These dance performance usually tell stories from the Ramayana or Mahabharata and are performed on the immense outdoor Ardha Candra stage on opening and closing nights.

Art Centre Bali

Those who travel to Bali are most welcomed to join in the Arts Festival in Bali. The event runs from the second Saturday in June and throughout July 2017so traveler can really enjoy the full experience of new Balinese art, dance, and entertainment every single day. An exciting 2017 festival in Bali to take part in while staying at Sahaja Sawah Resort.