1. Waterbom Bali

This place is where you can enjoy a full wet day out with family and friends, through numerous waterslides, rides and playful games.  The park covers 3.8Ha of tropical gardens and pools, as well as a complete host of dining and leisure facilities.

Waterbom Bali comprises numerous choices of slides that will keep you and your family occupied for a whole day. These include easy-going pools with mini slides to large scale adrenaline-pumping rides that start from significant heights. Services and facilities are top of its class, making it a must-do highlight for families while in Bali.

The ‘Smashdown 2.0’ is an upgrade of a popular slide, hence its name. You start at a height of 25.9m, enter a capsule with a trap door at your feet, which then releases you down an adrenaline-pumping chute of a ride. If you dare, opt for the more thrilling ‘Climax’ that ups the ante, dropping you down with 2.5 G‐force of speed, and whirls you through a near-vertical dip before looping back around.

Other rides for thrill-seekers include ‘Fast n’ Fierce’ and ‘Twin Racers’ where you can challenge your partner for a splashing race down. To wind down, there are more casual rides such as the ‘Double Twist’ and ‘Python’, named so due to their serpentine twists and turns.

The unique ‘Boomerang’ takes you and a partner to scream your lungs out as you twist down a 20m drop, then get swept straight up back up again, before a sensational free fall. Some of the rides require specially designed tubes with grips to hold onto.

For a truly placid ride around lush gardens, take a tube for yourself or a double tube for couples and follow the steady stream of the ‘Lazy River’. This is Waterbom Bali’s ultimate feature for a slow-paced relaxation ride through cascading waterfalls and lush foliage, and where you can forget the sense of time.

Waterbom Bali features numerous choices of dining outlets. There’s also a swim-up bar that serves tropical drinks. Out of the pool, various canteens and open-air restaurants offer international and Indonesian snacks and cuisine.

2. Bali Safari and Marine Park

The Bali Safari & Marine Park was established by Taman Safari Indonesia; covering 40 hectares of land in the Gianyar regency. It is home to over 60 species, all of which roam free in large enclosures that mimic their natural habitats.

Enjoy riding on a safari bus to visit the animals, watching fascinating elephant talent shows, get cuddly with baby orangutans, and view baby sharks at the aquarium. Families traveling with children will have a blast together at the adjacent water and amusement parks.

In Bali Safari & Marine Park’s collection are 80 species and around 400 specimens from three regions – Indonesia, India, and Africa, including spotted deer, Himalayan bears, nilgai, black bucks, African hippos, zebras, camels, ostriches, baboons, blue wildebeests, and lions. The most epic on display are the legendary Indian white tigers. Guests board safari buses to travel through different areas of the park.

Bali Safari & Marine Park’s signature Safari Journey takes visitors through the manmade habitats of Indonesia, India and Africa on modified safari trams, providing the opportunity to see the wildlife collection living naturally all together in the open range regions and to take as many photos as they like, all from the comfort and safety of the air-conditioned safari tram with their very own personal guide.

3. Bali Treetop Adventure Park

Bali Treetop Adventure Park in Bedugul is where both kids and adults can enjoy a fun day out tackling various tightrope courses, ranging from suspended bridges and spider nets to exciting Tarzan jump and flying-fox lines, all for a different kind of adrenaline rush. Some of these courses let you test your agility or even zip through the air safely, high up in the trees.

The park is a great addition to the rather sublime garden. After you’ve seen the herbariums and vast open areas profuse with tropical plants, head down to the Bali Treetop Adventure Park for some extra thrills. There are seven different courses, arranged according to age and skill levels.

Each zip-line course and tightrope bridge stretch from tree to tree, and safety are guaranteed with the use of high-quality equipment and carabiners. The courses were designed by SkyZip Engineering, the firm behind other treetop adventure parks worldwide. In total, there are 72 different obstacle courses to try out.

4. Big Tree Farms Bamboo Chocolate Factory

What’s better to do with your kids than taking a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes of something they love?

Calling all chocoholics – it’s time to gather and witness the making of those chocolate bars you’ve been having some serious crush on.

You can do so at this perfect and exclusive place, which is also known as one of Bali’s hidden farms. Take the one-hour tour to watch your favorite ‘substance’ being transformed from beans to bars. The kids will love this place too – the unique structure of this factory made by bamboo isn’t something to miss.

5. Off the Caribbean seas – The Pirate’s Bay

If you’re after a slightly more unique experience for your kids, The Pirates Bay is a once-in-a-lifetime experience of eating in a treehouse and being a pirate for a day.

Kids will no longer screams and run around or pretend to climb a tree as though it’s the mast of a ship. Located just off the Nusa Dua beach, The Pirate Bay’s authentic-looking pirate ship and treehouses will definitely awe the little ones.

Meanwhile, you’ll be able to go for a quick swim at the nearby beach and enjoy your meal in peace for once – other happy parents have satisfied their taste buds with special dishes like the fried banana with cheese and grilled tuna.

Well, that’s all 5 perfect places for your exciting family time in Bali. Book us right now!. Spend your holiday while staying on Sahaja Sawah Resort, and just let our driver bring you to this all wonderful places.

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